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MaDe Finalist

Laura van de Wijdeven

Eggshell Ceramic
Start Up

Atelier LVDW is the material research and design studio of Laura van de Wijdeven. Her personal motivation can be found in a love for materials and the natural world. The studio researches the future of sustainable materials to maintain our connection with nature. Inspired by the social impact of the materials we use in daily life and which we surround ourselves with. Translating this inspiration into surface and material design and developing products that contribute to Biophilic indoor environments.

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Project Information
Material Qualities
Color: Offwhite.
Soft / hard: Hard.
Shiny / matt: Matt gloss.
Smells: None.
Texture: Smooth.
Material Recipe
70% eggshell, 20% arabic gom, 10% water.

- Cooking the discarded egg shells in water.
- Grinding the egg shells with a mortar or blender.
- Weigh the ingredients.
- Mix the ingredients by hand.
- Pour the material into a mold.
- Wait until it’s airdried and demold.
Material Application
- Plates.
- Bowls.
- Coasters.
- Wall panels.
- Lampshades.
Material Narrative
It’s a waste material from the bio and food industry. My eggshells are coming from a Dutch chicken company that sells its eggs to supermarkets. Many of those eggs are broken in the process from egg to packaging, which provide waste and useless material for them. In addition, there are many other companies using eggs for their products. To give an indication, the total production of eggs in the Netherlands amounts to 10.2 billion pieces a year.

Because the enormous amount of this waste I was interested in re-using it and develop a circular material with it. My goal was te create a solid material which is still biodegradable. My most interesting experiment became a ceramic like material, which has a delicate look. It can be an aesthetic material for single use products because it’s biodegradability.
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MaDe, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, aims at boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe partnering with design and cultural institutions, Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano.

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