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MaDe Participant

Franko Garrido Huguet

Caucho Cork

I’m a Textile Technician that has been working in the peruvian fashion industry for the last 5 years in textile planning and development. I recently finished a Master in Fiber Design and Textile Processes in Politecnico di Milano. 

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Project Information
Material Qualities
Color: Organic (but could be dyed)
Soft / hard: Hard, but flexible
Shiny / matt: Matt and transparent if thin
Smells: Rubber like smell
Texture: Plastic
Others: Non conductor
Material Recipe
It was cut into tiny pieces, since it does not dissolve only with heat. It was then stick together through indirect heating and the materials own property since it acted as a organic polymer. It could be dyed or mixed with material once reduced to pieces, but I rather kept it as organic as possible. Having cut the material into various pieces made it more flexible and malleable while still retaining all original characteristics.
Material Application
- Decorative mat
- Fake leather (if vulcanized properly)
- Furniture
- Kitchen mat (for non conduction purpose)
- Extruded into a yarn for knitwear
Material Narrative
This is an organic material that comes from the Hevea Tree. Its very interesting since it was very peculiar, it has a translucid organic look I found out it even has a self healing property since its a natural polymer, which would be something that I'm going to further investigate.
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MaDe, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, aims at boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe partnering with design and cultural institutions, Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano.

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