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MaDe Finalist

Valdis Steinarsdóttir

Bioplastic Skin

Icelandic designer that focuses on material experiments and finding unique solutions to social and environmental issues. Loves to have an open discussion with an audience, getting to the bottom of why we think certain things are beautiful, interesting, ugly or offensive.

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Project Information
Material Qualities
Colour: Yellow, Clear, White
Soft / Hard: Can be both soft and hard.
Shiny / Matte: Shiny
Smell: Sweet
Texture: Smooth
Others: The material has many qualities, can both be hard, soft, thick and thin. It can be utilized for different applications. There are plans to further the development of the material in collaboration with Innovation center Iceland.
Material Recipe
Rawhide / Gelatine
Material Application
- Meat packaging
- Cellophane wrapping
- Tableware
- Packaging
- Replacement for single-use plastics
Material Method
- Mix animal hide gelatine with water
- Melt gelatine
- Mix with glycerin/ sorbitol
- Pour into mold
- Let dry
Material Narrative
Where does this material come from?
This material comes from animal hides.

Why is it interesting to work with this material?
It is interesting to work with this material because it raises a question about our relationship with animals and our consumption of them. I want Bioplastic Skin to open up a platform for discussion and debate about society’s consumeristic ways. It reflects on society´s meat consumption and the question of waste that follows it. It is neither meant to promote carnivorism or veganism but is meant to provoke thought and discussion. As a designer, I like to engage people through my design and hopefully spark discussion amongst different groups.

What is the final result?
The final result is packaging for meat.

Whos is it for?
It is for people that consume meat.
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MaDe, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, aims at boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe partnering with design and cultural institutions, Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano.

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