Materials Designers (MaDe) is a project, funded by the Creative Europe program, that ad- dresses the training and exposure of the new materials designers towards a better circular economy and their positive impact in industry or the generation of an alternative
creative industry.

MaDe’s approach turns around:
1. Circular economy as purpose
2. Creativity as solution provider
3. Materials (and processes) as the means


Each Material Designer can participate just in one of the MaDe workshops. If a participant applies to a workshop but she/he is not selected, she/he can try to apply to another workshop. However, a participant will not be allowed to participate in more than one workshop.

Applications are individual, meaning that per each application only one Material Designer will be allowed to participate in the workshops.

All those selected Materials Designers who has confirmed their assistance to a workshop have the responsibility to assist to all the days of the workshop and finish it. If not, the committee of the project will have the right to penalise the candidature of those participant who do not accomplish with this rule.

Despite the MaDe Project focuses on specific European countries, participants form other European or non-European projects can apply to the workshops. However, in these cases participants will cover their own travelling and hosting costs.

MaDe addresses different target and target audiences:

Primary target:
(I) Creatives, designers: EU Undergraduate, Graduate students and Professionals from Design and Creative spheres that do not have training in the identified skill gaps. Available databases of students and alumni from two of the partners and the 6 associated partners, and links with relevant design stakeholders permits to presume that the targeted audience will be reached in an effective way.

Secondary target:
(II) Companies, industry: EU companies from different sectors (fashion-clothing, fashion accessories, furniture, home accessories, packaging, public space, architecture and construction, automotive, …) in need to address materials design for circular economies. Databases and audience from relevant associated partners and design stakeholders ensure outreach to this target.

(III) Design Stakeholders: EU public and cultural organisations, associations, regional public bodies, policy makers, not-for profit organisations and educational institutions in the domain of design and its applications. (IV) General public in need to be more aware of sustainability issues.

Registration & Submission

Registration for the workshop is free of charge and available from February 2019 on the MaDe’s website (www.materialdesigners. eu) and can be accessed through the registration page. By registering for the workshop, participants confirm that they accept these rules.

Any incomplete or incorrect information or any registration application that does not fulfil the required conditions will be considered as null and void.

All aspiring participants will apply through the online platform for the selected workshop; participants must propose a potential material/ resource with a narrative to work with during the workshops.

Candidates will be asked to submit a:

– CV
– portfolio
– motivation letter

– material narrative. What material will you work with during the workshops and with is it interesting in terms of sustainability and circular economy?

Selection Process & Criteria

Selection process of 120 participants. Candidates will be asked to submit a CV, portfolio, a motivation letter and a material narrative.
The criteria for aspirant’s selection will be:


– Portfolio – 20%

– Motivation letter – 30%

– Material Narrative – 40%

Individual aspects:
(i) Quality of previous work/projects, both theoretical and practical

(ii) Materials knowledge

(iii) Interest in sustainability circular economies

(iv) Interest in Materials experimentation

(v) Their approach to their future or actual professional career (Entrepreneur, Creative visionaries, Industry focus) and (vi) Communication abilities.

Group aspects:
(i) Generating creative multidisciplinary groups (ii) Generating student and professional mixes.

Each MaDe partner will select 20 local participants (20×3 in overall), and together with its corresponding associated partner will propose up to 10 participants (6 x10 in overall).


The 6 workshops will be performed at the 3 locations from the project partners Barcelona (Elisava, 2 sessions), London (Ma-tt-er, 2 sessions) and Milano (Polimi, 2 sessions).

The workshop framework will be, one immersive week of training (5 days, 6 hours per day, 30h total).

For each workshop, the project will pay the flights and hosting of 10 overseas participants from the selected European Partner.

During the workshops participants will be guided by experts in the held of materials science, sustainability, materials design, communication and/or business model to develop their own materials and explore their potential in products and industry.

Each workshop will be structured as follows:

Day 1: Materials Observations: Expressive sensorial qualities of raw materials

Day 2: Materials Experimentation: Initial draft samples with material recipes

Day 3: Material Recipes: Refined recipes and samples

Day 4: Material Inquiry; Demonstration of material potential

Day 5: Material Narratives; material presentation


To validate award criteria and select, amongst the 120 workshop participants projects, the 18 award finalists (1st round) and 3 award winners (2nd round) under one of these categories:

(A) MaDe Award – Best start up potential.

(B) MaDe Award – Best future vision.

(C) MaDe Award – Best industry application.

The Award criteria will be:
General, 1st round: Degree of innovation | Degree of creativity | Formal and Technical quality | Self-explanatory quality | Symbolic and emotional content | Number of potential applications, short or long term
Specific for each category, 2nd round:

(A) A project with a high potential to become, in the short term, a materials-based start up with focus on circular economy. science, sustainability, materials design, communication and/or business model to develop their own materials and explore their potential in products and industry.

(B) A speculative materials project with an el evated future impact on society and in dustry in terms of circular economy.

(C) A materials project that has a high po tential to be applicated, in the short term, in industry, initiating the transformation towards circular economy.

The MaDe Award prize will consist in a fellow- ship to perform a stage into a Company or Institution and develop a materials design project.

The 3 MaDe Awards winners will be awarded a 2 months international professional Stage Fellowships programme. Every stage will end with the development of a materials design project with a circular economy focus.

Award Exhibitions

This will be curated, designed and produced by MaDe where the 18 shortlisted participants will have their work in a exhibited in Barcelona, Milano and London a touring exhibition of the 18 MaDe awards finalists and 3 winners works.

Award Ceremony

The MaDe Award ceremony will take place at Barcelona in June 2020 during Barcelona Design Week 2020.

MaDe Awards winners will be presented to an estimated international audience of 300 attendees.


The three partners will evaluate and select in a first round, amongst the 120 materials design projects, 18 finalists, 6 for each category.

On a second round, a meeting in Barcelona with an expert Award jury panel will select, the 3 winners amongst the 18 finalists, 1 per award category. The expert jury panel will be composed of

(i) 1 international circular economy expert

(ii) 1 international business angel expert

(iii) 1 international industry expert (iv) 1 local award expert from the materials innovation field.

Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights

The participants in the competition guarantee to Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano the originality of their corresponding results so as to develop the workshop without any drawback in their intellectual rights and the property of their own work.

Intellectual property rights, as well as the possible industrial property rights for the presented projects are property of the author. The participants are responsible for the protection of their material design activation of their author’s rights or patent application, before sending it to the competitors.

The participants have the obligation to give visibility to the MaDe project and the Creative Europe Programme in the diffusion and personal communication of the results.

All the participants (including the winners and the finalists) assign Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano, the copy, reproduction and publication rights of the presented projects to the MaDe competition, for all the countries in the world; with the aim of promoting through publications in supports pf general interest and/or specialised magazines (such as websites, editions and personal publications, and also the MaDe website). Com- petition website: Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano will have the rights to hand over to thirds, without any previous written consent by the authors, the reproduction rights and publications of the projects presented by the authors for the competition on a territorial field and temporary that will be considered necessary, for the exclusive and for the only intent for promotion of the author’s projects on a worldwide level.

In the case that the participant hands over the knowledge created during the workshop to a third company, both the participant and company will have to reference the MaDe project from which it has been done; just as, the Creative Europe programme which has financed the project.

No liability is accepted for any harm that may be caused to your systems or data by using this website. Whilst MaDe (ELISAVA) seeks to ensure that it is free from viruses and inappropriate material, it is your responsibility to scan for viruses and inappropriate material.

MaDe, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, aims at boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe partnering with design and cultural institutions, Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano. If you are living in Italy, the UK or Spain please apply to the MaDe workshops in the relevant cities.

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