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Ona Orozco i Joan

Pinneapple paper

I am 22 years old and I am from Barcelona. The last four years I studied Product and Culturedesign at EINA, University of Arts & Design in Barcelona.

During my formation, I have been involved at Ventura Future with the “Isolo” project running the Milan Design Week, 2018. Moreover, I have participated as a volunteer in some trending desgin Fest as OFF Fest and Blanc Fest.

Currently, I am about to explore the potential of DIY and organic materials in the context of home.

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Project Information
Material Qualities
Pineapple paper is a trans-cycled and Self-produced (DIY) material. It is based on home´s organic waste. The main aproach of this material is to redefine the materia besides the market logics. In this case, the "Pineapple paper" redefines what suboptimal food is. Understanding it , as a "material" instead of "food waste".
Material Recipe
Pineapple and water
Material Application
Such project is interesting because its ingredients are found at home as well as in the place where materials are produced. The kitchen is transformed into a place where to "produce self-materials". While the whole logic of the food consumption system changes inside the kitchen: from food, to waste, to manipulation, to material, and finally to functional or symbolic usability.
Material Classification
The final result of pinneapple paper, is the acknowledgment of the "materia" in a context of recycling, upcycling and downcycling culture. Pineapple transcycled paper has the properties of a daily-used material.
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