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Joaquim José Oliveira

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Project Information
Material Qualities
Color: Dark purpel with brown particuls
Soft / hard: Soft
Shiny / matt: Matt
Smells: Neutral
Texture: Rough
Others: Slim
Material Recipe
4,62g of cork
7,23g of rabbit glue
17,17g of corn starch
40ml of water
10ml of vinegar
1 spoon of glycerin
Material Application
- Fabric/ fashion industry.
- Constrution areas as sound insulation.
- The plastic film use in the transportacion of goods
- Light-Weight gear as helmets
- Constrution areas as heat insulation
Material Narrative
This material comes with the waste of raw material with numerous properties such as cork, especially when we remove a cork in a bottle of wine. This material is an exercise of reuse of this product / raw material and its insertion of the market with new characteristics. The final material, futursughero, arises from an experience between cork and particles of leather fibers. The final result was surprising due to its physical characteristics, namely its texture, and its mechanical characteristics such as elasticity and impact absorption.
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